Canine Good Citizen:

Prerequisites: Pet Manners 2 class

Continued training with in a variety of environments (not just at home). You will practice skills such as walking politely through a crowd, reacting calmly around strange dogs, reacting calmly to distractions, and accepting separation from you. Dogs completing this class successfully should be able to earn the AKC title of Canine Good Citizen.


Fun & Games:

Prerequisites: Dogs should be able to walk on leash, be non-aggressive around other dogs, and under their owner’s control.

This is a class for handlers who wish to continue to spend time with their dogs but are not interested in competing in dog sports at this time. The class will be structured so that dogs will have many opportunities to practice being a good canine citizen, while having fun playing games. We will also do introductory exercises that may explore agility, scent work, obedience, tricks, and that stimulate your dog mentally and physically.


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