Training Class Information:

The Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel club offers two types of obedience classes: those designed primarily to give the owner basic control of their dog, and those designed to prepare the dog/handler team for competition. All dogs, purebred and mixed-breed, are welcome to attend obedience classes.

  • Location: Building 21 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper Street, Lawrence, KS.

  • Fee: $80.00 for 6 weeks of training classes

  • Classes are held on Wednesday evenings @ 6:30 pm & 7:30 pm and are 45 minutes long


Welcome to the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club obedience training classes! We hope that you enjoy working with us, and that we can help you to train your dog. Your class instructor will explain and demonstrate training methods; you will do the actual training yourself. Students are expected to spend 15-20 minutes daily, in training their dogs. Daily work sessions not only lead to a better trained and more obedient dog—they also strengthen the dog/handler relationship, and make classes more rewarding.

The following suggestions may help you to get the most out of your classes:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing, and shoes you can move in easily. Avoid flapping pants or skirts.

  2. Exercise your dog before class; feed your dog after class. At the Fairgrounds, make sure your dog eliminates well away from the buildings and walkways. Clean up after you own dog!

  3. Your instructor will advise you about specific equipment needs, but you should usually plan to provide a leather, nylon or webbing leash (not chain or partly chain), a training collar that fits your dog; and treats for training.

  4. Training can be hard work, for both you and your dog. Remember that you are building a life-long relationship with your dog—and have fun!


  1. Dogs must be on lead at all times unless your instructor requests otherwise. You must control your dog at all times—do not let them rush at other dogs or people, or bark uncontrollably. WE WILL DISMISS FROM CLASSES ANY DOG THAT IS A THREAT TO OTHER DOGS OR PEOPLE, OR WHO DISRUPTS CLASSES.

  2. Any person who disrupts or interferes with any class or other training function will be asked to leave.

  3. NO SMOKING is allowed anywhere in the building.

  4. Do not allow your dog to urinate or defecate on or immediately around the building; clean up after your dog. If your dog has an accident in the building, YOU must clean it up; cleaning materials are available.

  5. In order to avoid confusing the dog, the same handler should train the dog throughout the session. If another family member has been observing the classes, they may substitute for a single session, if necessary.

  6. (Human) visitors are welcome, but they must not bring non-enrolled dogs, or interfere with classes.

PLEASE STAY OFF THE MATS EXCEPT WHEN WORKING A DOG IN A CLASS SESSION. Any child under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult who is not training a dog. DO NOT approach strange dogs without permission.

  1. Dogs must have current distemper, hepatitis, parvo (usually combined and known as DHPP), and rabies vaccines (Some puppies may not be immunized for rabies as of class time; check with your instructor).

  2. Sick dogs and bitches in season MAY NOT ATTEND classes; the owner should continue to attend.

  3. Dogs who miss more than one class will not receive a diploma, but may continue to attend.

  4. If you get out a chair, please put it away when you leave.

  5. We are on a tight schedule; please be on time for your classes, and avoid disrupting other classes. If you have questions after class, please move off the mats to ask them.


Although we would like to help all handlers with any canine problems they may have, the safety of other handlers, their dogs and our instructors must be our primary concern. If you are unable or unwilling to control your dog, and others are at risk, we will have to ask you to leave classes. If you have a specific problem with your dog, please inform your instructor as soon as possible. Please be aware that our primary function is assisting the average dog owner with routine control problems; we will try to refer you to others who can provide appropriate help with aggressive or dangerous dogs. DO NOT BRING SUCH DOGS TO CLASSES WITHOUT EXPLICIT PERMISSION.

Thank you for participating in our Training Classes; we appreciate your cooperation!