Looking for a new puppy OR DOG?

Be informed before you buy!

Considerations BEFORE you bring home a new puppy:

  • Ten questions to ask your breeder:

    • Can you tell me about the breed?

    • How long have you been breeding?

    • What requirements do you have for potential owners of your puppies, and how do you match puppies with their new owners?

    • Can I meet the dam or sire to get a sense of the temperament?

    • Have health tests been performed on the parents?

    • How do you socialize your puppies?

    • Are the puppies up-to-date on vaccinations/shots?

    • When can I take the puppy home?

    • Do you provide a health guarantee and a contract?

    • How can we contact you after picking up the puppy?

  • Should you buy a puppy as a gift for someone else?

    • Before giving a dog as a gift, there are a number of factors to consider:

      • Does the recipient really want to have a dog?  Are they prepared to be fully responsible for and committed to care for the dog for its lifetime?  Young children quickly lose interest in a pet -- who will be the caretaker then?

      • Puppies are not cheap.  Does the recipient have the time and financial resources necessary to properly care for a pet, including food, grooming, training classes, regular vet care and vaccinations?

      • Is the breed you are considering the correct one for the person in terms of looks, temperament and personality, grooming requirements, amount of shedding, ease of training, sociability with strangers, energy levels, and exercise requirements?  Is the breed good with children and good for novice owners? Is the size of the dog (as an adult) suitable?  Is the individual you choose the “correct” one for the other person too?  Individual puppies within a litter can vary somewhat in all these traits.

    • Instead of giving a puppy, you could make and give a decorative gift certificate and let the recipient participate in picking the breed, the breeder, and the individual puppy.

      • Wrap and give all the items a new puppy will need so the recipient will have many gifts to open on the holiday and the fun of anticipating the arrival of the new family member:

        • Ex: toys, leash, collar, bed, bowls, a stuffed toy dog, etc.

Where to find your new puppy or dog:

Consideration AFTER you bring home a new puppy or dog:

  • Caring for your new puppy:

    • Establish care with a veterinarian with a well-pet exam

    • Consider microchipping your new puppy

    • Work on crate training your new companion

    • Sign up for our training and obedience classes!

    • Expose your new pet to a wide variety of new experiences