PUppy Kindergarden:

Puppies: 3 months - less than 6 months old

Attention will be given to training that is specific to puppies, such as house-training, chewing, etc. We will also emphasize puppy socialization, as this is a critical period for your puppy to develop the social skills that lead to a well-adjusted dog. Basic obedience skills such as attention, sit, down, come, and stay will be introduced. 

Please do not bring your puppy to the first class.


Pet Manners 1 & Pet Manners 2:

Dogs: 6 months old and older

Pet Manners 1:  Dogs with little or no prior training.

Pet Manners 2: Prerequisite is Pet Manners 1, Puppy Kindergarten, or consent of the intructor.

You will learn how to teach your dog the beginning steps of becoming a Canine Good Citizen, such as accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, allowing you to groom him (including nail clipping), and walking on a loose leash. You will also learn the beginning steps in training reliable responses to sit, down, stay and come commands. Training will emphasize behavior at home with the family and may include prevention of jumping on people, preventing food theft, digging, barking, bolting out the door, staying while feet are wiped, tricks, going to your place (bed), etc. 

Please do not bring your dog to the first class of Pet Manners 1.


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